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COVID-19: Updated Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Enforcement Guidance
Category: Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law, Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (“MDEQ”) issued on July 20th a document titled: Updated Guidance to the Regulated Community Regarding Compliance with Regulatory Requirements During the COVID-19 Pandemic (“Updated Guidance”) MDEQ Interim Executive Director Chris Wells issued…
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Agent Fees and the Payment Protection Program
Category: Banking, Business, Class Action, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Legislative Updates
Last week, Arkansas saw its first class action where “agents” claimed entitlement to payment of fees under the Payment Protection Program (PPP).[1] This class action illustrates another area of confusion surrounding the administration of the CARES Acts (the “Act”). Congress created the PPP as part…
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Force Majeure Clauses, Bankruptcy, and Covid-19
Category: Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Creditor-Debtor Rights, Coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 has forced many businesses to temporarily close and absorb unforeseen significant profit losses based on governmental executive orders. Motivated by the pandemic’s economic fallout and the influx of bankruptcy filings, bankruptcy courts are now looking to equitable remedies, such as force…
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Provisional COVID-19 Enforcement Guidance: Arkansas Department of Energy and Environmental Quality Notes Continuance/Extension
Category: Arkansas Environmental, Energy, and Water Law, Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Secretary Becky Keogh of the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment noted in a July 2nd memorandum that the Division of Environmental Quality’s (“DEQ”) Provisional COVID-19 Enforcement Guidance (“Arkansas Guidance”) remains in place. The reasons for the issuance of this memorandum was the…
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Data Security Threats to Consider While Employees are Working Remotely
Category: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Information Security & Privacy
COVID-19 has thrown many businesses into the fire of remote working. Morphisec reported in its Work-from-Home (WFH) Employee Cybersecurity Threat Index that remote working was an entirely new experience for 49 percent of employees, and 25 percent of employees working from home aren’t familiar with…
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