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State Hospital Association Fights Changes to Medicaid DSH Payment Rules
Category: Appellate Law, Eighth Circuit Appellate , Health Care, Litigation
For hospitals that “serve a disproportionate number of indigent patients” Medicaid allows for supplemental payments to help ensure their financial viability. The calculation of those supplemental payments recently became the subject of litigation brought by a state hospital association, culminating…
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Are Hospital Clinics Tax Exempt in Arkansas? Court of Appeals Weighs in on the Bounds of the Public-Charity Tax Exemption
Category: Appellate Law, Health Care, Litigation, Tax
It is widely recognized that the public-charity tax exemption in the Arkansas Constitution covers charitable hospitals, provided they meet certain criteria established by Arkansas Supreme Court case law. But what about a free standing clinic owned and operated by a charitable hospital? And does…
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UPDATE - Big Win for Arkansas Hospitals: protecting the quality assurance process
Category: Health Care, Litigation
Last month, we wrote that the Arkansas Court of Appeals had recently affirmed the critically important quality-assurance privilege in Arkansas, codified at Arkansas Code Annotated section 16-46-105. We also noted that that the Plaintiff was seeking review of the Court of Appeals’ decision with the…
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